The Integrity of the Word of God (Daniel 11:2-35)

God's Faithful WordDaniel 11:2-35 contains the densest collection of fulfilled prophesies in the Old Testament, each of which testifies to the Integrity of the Word of God.

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Also, here are a couple of the graphics that we used as we walked through the passage.

The Integrity of the Word of God a


The Integrity of the Word of God


The Integrity of the Word of God c

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2017 Shepherds’ Conference

It’s about that time of year again. Time for thousands of pastors from around the country to gather up their Bibles, their smartphones, their iPads and to head down to Sun Valley, CA for the Shepherds’ Conference.

I attended my first Shepherds’ Conference in 2003 in my first year of seminary and instantly fell in love. Since then I’ve tried to attend every Shepherds’ Conference that I could, although in recent years I’ve only been able to attend every other year.

The theme of the conference this year is “We Preach Christ” and just like last time, the team at Grace Community is pulling out all the stops. They’ve added an extra day, so the conference runs from Tuesday – Friday now. They’ve brought in an amazing team preachers including: John MacArthur, Al Mohler, Ligon Duncan, Mark Dever, Steve Lawson, Iain Murray and many more. They’ve got a brand new app to help us navigate the conference and as always they’ll be giving away a HUGE stack of books to every attendee.

This year I’m bringing 9 men down with me to experience the conference and see what the Lord has in store for us. In keeping with tradition I will be posting daily recaps of the conference here at I hope you’ll come visit everyday to catch up on the latest conference news.

We Preach Christ | Shepherds’ Conference Summit from Grace Community Church on Vimeo.

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Kingdoms in Conflict (Daniel 10:10–11:1)

Christians are the ones who understand that there is a titanic conflict being waged in the heavenly realms between Great Warriors of Light and Terrible Princes of Darkness. In Daniel 10:10 – 11:1 the Lord draws back the curtain on this conflict and helps us to see what is behind all of the struggles of world history.

Kingdoms in Conflict from DrewBuell on Vimeo.

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Dealing with Disappointments (Daniel 10:1-9)

How do we deal with disappointments?

  1. Realize that God is doing something much bigger
  2. Give yourself to the Lord
  3. Expect God to answer

Dealing with Disappointments from DrewBuell on Vimeo.

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Daniel’s 70th Week (part 2)

Daniel's 70 Weeks (part 2c)Yesterday we finished up our series on Daniel 9 with a look at Daniel’s 70th Week.

We said that 1) Daniel’s 70th Week Follows a Gap of Time after the 69th Week, 2) Daniel’s 70th Week Begins with the Signing of a Treaty with Israel, 3) Daniel’s 70th Week is Divided into two 3 1/2 year Segments of Time. I’ve included the two charts of Daniel’s 70th Week at the bottom of this post.


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You can watch the video below:

Daniel’s 70 Weeks (part 2) from DrewBuell on Vimeo.

Daniel's 70 Weeks (part 2b)

Daniel's 70 Weeks (part 2)

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Knowing God

We have a great AV team at Cool Community Church! Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been working hard on video recording our sermons and making them publically available. I’m excited to announce that this morning we finally figured it out Smile during the Divide Wide Men’s Breakfast! We hope that you enjoy it and that you stay tuned for more videos to come!

Knowing God from DrewBuell on Vimeo.

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Children’s Ministry Policy

When you first start out in ministry policies and procedures can seem like unnecessary hindrances to the actual job God called you to. After all, why is it so important for us to figure out how many people need to work in the nursery when there are souls to be saved? Having been a younger pastor I fully understand that question, but I am very thankful that as I’ve grown older I have been able to see, firsthand, the value of effective policies when it comes to Children’s Ministry, Financial Matters, etc.

We recently updated our Child Protection Policy at Cool Community Church and I decided to share it here on the blog as a resource for our church and for any other churches that may be considering adopting a policy in order to protect their children.

When I teach our Child Protection Class one of the first things I say is that if any of us were aware that a child was being abused at that moment, we would rush to that child’s defense, right? The problem is that abuse almost always happens in the dark where no one is aware of it. So, what can we do to protect these children? The answer is maintaining a consistent child protection policy and training program. A policy and training program are two demonstrable actions that any church or organization can take in order to serve our children.

Here’s a copy of Cool Community Church’s Child Protection Policy as well as our Miscellaneous Policies and Procedures.

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Daniel’s 70th Week (part 1)

Daniel's 70 Weeks-BeastYesterday I preached on Daniel 9:20-26 and the prophesy of the 70 Weeks. We learned that there were two things that God was telling Daniel in that passage 1) You are Greatly Loved (v. 20-23), 2) Your People are Greatly Loved (v. 25-26).

You can listen online here.

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As a part of the sermon I included a chart that visually depicts the events contained in the 70 Weeks. You can download a PDF of the chart here.

Daniel's 70 Weeks

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Three Questions that Devastate Liberal Arguments

Thomas Sowell once said that there are three questions that have the ability to devastate and dismantle almost every argument that liberals mount against conservatives.

1) Compared to what? Why is your proposal substantively better than others?

2) At what cost? Have you even considered the cost of what you are proposing and the impact on the broader society?

3) What hard evidence do you have? This is more than a request for experts who agree with their positions, but what direct / empirical evidence supports your case?

There are very few ideas on the left that can pass all three of these tests?

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Four Non-Negotiable Steps for Pastoral Ministry

First, the pastor must know Christ, really know Him, and live his life as sifted by His all-searching holiness all the time.

Second, you must know that God has called you with a heavenly compulsion.

Third, you must find out His will for your life, and, His place for you…You must remember, of course, that God is the most sweetly reasonable and considerate Person in the world when we give Him His place.

Fourth, having been called to a local congregation, begin to minister the Word of God to them at once, depending for all you are worth on the Holy Spirit, and believing that this is the biggest thing you can do for them in all the world.

– William Stills, The Work of the Pastor (p. 32-33)

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