Recovering a Vision

When I graduated from The Master’s College in 2001 our commencement speaker was a man that I had never heard of, Dr. Al Mohler. Over the course of the last 12 years Dr. Mohler has had an increasingly significant impact on my life and ministry. He speaks with me every day through his podcast The Briefing and I look forward to hearing him in person every year at the Shepherds’ Conference.

Southern Seminary, where Dr. Mohler serves as the president, recently released a 20 minute documentary of the seminary and the remarkable changes that God used Dr. Mohelr to bring about at that institution. It is well worth the time to watch it and will bless your soul.

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The Briefing

the-briefingLet’s face it, the news is downright depressing. Every time I open up the AP app or the Fox News app on my iPad, I have to brace myself for the latest international crisis that I should be panicking about. That’s why I love The Briefing with Al Mohler. The Briefing is a 15 minute podcast that Dr. Mohler puts out every weekday covering the major news stories of the day from a Christian world view.

Dr. Mohler’s comments are always insightful, stimulating and firmly grounded in the Christian world view. If you like the news, if you have any kind of commute, or if you just want to stay informed you really can’t do any better than subscribing to The Briefing.

You can listen online at Dr. Mohler’s website here.

You can subscribe in iTunes here.

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Harold Camping & False Prophets

Al Mohler has a great article on the recent Harold Camping debacle. Here’s an excerpt:

May 21 was not his first failed prophecy. In 1992, he started predicting the end of the world in 1994. When that year passed, Camping just declared that he had misunderstood the hidden code within the Bible. Seventeen years later, he is wrong again.

But Mr. Camping is not merely wrong on this rather embarrassing matter. More importantly, he has called for Christians to leave their churches, claiming to have found in the Bible the announcement that the age of the church has passed. Since the church no longer exists, he has taught, Christians should leave the so-called churches and merely associate for fellowship. Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, commanded by the Lord to be practiced until he comes, are no more, Camping has taught.

Along the way, Camping has also denied the biblical doctrine of hell. More recently, he has declared the end of evangelism, telling listeners to his program that his concern now is for “true believers” in preparation for the October 21 arrival of Judgment Day.

Harold Camping has refused all correction and all efforts to persuade him to cease his false teachings. He left a major denomination and cast out on his own. He has received delegations of concerned theologians and major Christian leaders, but he has resisted all efforts and repudiated accountability to the church.

He is the classic example of a false teacher and a false prophet, about which the Bible has so much to say. And yet, some Christians have suggested that his errors should go uncorrected and his false teachings should be tolerated, just because he is an old man.

Mr. Camping will be 90 years old on July 19, but his false teachings are not a factor of old age. He began these teachings long ago. Furthermore, he bears all the signs of a false prophet. He claims to have a secret knowledge revealed only to him by God. He claims to have found a hidden code in the Bible. He rejects what he calls “literalism” and claims the right to a “spiritual” interpretation of the biblical text. He has rejected all correction from the believing church and persists in his false teachings. He has led thousands astray from the truth and has brought reproach upon the Body of Christ. He refuses even to concede that his prophecy was false. He and he alone is right.

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It Promises Far Too Little

Al Mohler is really on a role this week.  His recent article on the Prosperity Gospel is a must read if you’ve ever encountered this satanic movement.  Mohler writes:

In the end, the biggest problem with prosperity theology is not that it promises too much, but that it promises far too little. The Gospel of Jesus Christ offers salvation from sin, not a platform for earthly prosperity. While we should seek to understand what drives so many into this movement, we must never for a moment fail to see its message for what it is — a false and failed gospel.

You can find the rest of the article here.

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The Hidden Reality of Abortion

Al Mohler has an excellent article over on his blog on “The Hidden Reality of Abortion” – Empowering Men.  Mohler writes:

The obvious question is this — how is it that feminists, the abortion industry, and the advocates of abortion rights get away with their claim that abortion liberates women? In truth, the availability of abortion has served to liberate irresponsible men from duty, morality, and responsibility. Of course, the even greater tragedy is the death of unborn children by the millions.  Only the Culture of Death would present the slaughter of the innocents as liberation.

You can find the whole article here.

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Turn Down the Noise

One of the most prevalent aspects of the modern youth culture is the presence of “noise”.  Young people are constantly surrounded by noise, whether it be from their iPod, their Xbox, their cell phone, or their facebook page.  Noise is such a prevalent aspect of our society that we almost assume that life has always been filled with noise.  In a recent post Al Mohler speaks to our desperate need turn down the noise.

One of the most lamentable aspects of modern life is the disappearance of silence. Throughout most of human history, silence has been a part of life. Many individuals lived a significant portion of their lives in silence, working in solitude and untroubled by the intrusion of constant noise…

Writing in the June issue of Standpoint, Susan Hill argues that our children are being impoverished by being deprived of silence. We have betrayed children, she asserts, by “confiscating their silence.” As she explains:

But so difficult has it become to find such oases of silence, that many children never experience it. In adapting to constant noise, we seem to have become afraid of silence. Why? Are we afraid of what we will discover when we come face to face with ourselves there? Perhaps there will be nothing but a great void, nothing within us, and nothing outside of us either. Terrifying. Let’s drown our fears out with some noise, quickly.

Most of us will quickly realize the truth contained in her assessment. It seems that many of us are, to a greater or lesser degree, almost afraid of silence. Our children quickly inherit the same fear.

Read the whole thing here.

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Al Mohler on Gay Marriage

Al Mohler was recently interviewed on NPR along with Lisa Miller of NewsWeek who recently wrote a cover story for NewsWeek on the religious case for Gay Marriage (find Mohler’s response here). The interview is about 30 minutes and is well worth the listen if you’re at all intersted in the subject. You can find it here.

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"Atheism Remix" Book Review

Atheism Remix is one of the latest books from the pen of Al Mohler and follows the same pattern set forth in Culture Shift of being very short, very easy to read and very well researched. This particular book is based on a lecture series that Mohler did at Dallas Theological Seminary earlier this year on the New Atheists.
Atheism Remix is a very short book, so this will be a very short review. The book serves as something of a primer or an introduction to the resurgence of Atheism that is happening today. Mohler does an excellent job of describing the movement, it’s primary proponents (who he calls the four horsemen of the modern apocalypse), along with giving brief analysis of its trends and fallacies. The only complaint that I have about the book is that it felt like it ended a little too quickly. I would have loved to see a more significant critique of the movement, but it seems that will have to wait for another day.
Atheism Remix is an excellent introduction to the New Atheism. If you interact with atheists on a regular basis or if your interested in apologetics at all, this is a great way to find out more about what’s currently going on in this movement.

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Methodists & Homosexuality

Al Mohler has a timely post on the United Methodist Church and the issue of homosexuality. I was unaware that the Methodist church had such a clear doctrinal statement when it comes to homosexuality, it is truly comendable. Mohler writes:
According to The Los Angeles Times, scores of United Methodist pastors in Southern California are planning to defy church law by performing same-sex marriages. The paper provides rather extensive detail about these plans, acknowledging that performing same-sex marriages could lead to disciplinary action against the pastors.
You can find the rest of the article here.

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Culture Shift Book Review

I began reading Al Mohler’s new book Culture Shift last week and just finished it this afternoon. Culture Shift is Mohler’s first book and it is an outstanding one at that. Mohler turns his brilliant mind to a number of cultural topics ranging from educational debates to the morality of the United States bombing of Hiroshima. While the topics may appear to be totally random at times, the unifying theme throughout the book is the “culture shift” that America is undergoing right now and how are Christians to understand and respond to the times we now find ourselves living in.
One of the best chapters in the book is titled “The Culture of Offendedness” where Mohler discusses the danger of living in a culture where the accusation of offendedness essentially stops all conversation. Mohler writes, “A right to free speech means a right to offend; otherwise the right would need no protection.” Obviously Christians should not seek to offend anyone, but the reality of the gospel is that it is offensive, or in Paul’s words it is “foolishness to those who are perishing.” Mohler writes, “The truth claims of Christianity, by their very particularity and exclusivisity, are inherently offensive to those who would demand some other gospel.
Culture Shift is basically a collection of short essays (the book is only 160 pages) written on various issues in american life today. Several of the essays build upon one another, while many simply stand alone. Each essay is insightful, easy to read and thoughtful. This was one of those books that you can’t put down because Mohler’s style is so engaging and his writing is so clear. I highly recommend it.

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