What’s Wrong with Porn & Video Games?

Russell Moore has a must read article over on the Desiring God blog about the loss of an entire generation of young men to porn and video games. Here’s an excerpt:

There’s a key difference between porn and gaming. Pornography can’t be consumed in moderation because it is, by definition, immoral. A video game can be a harmless diversion along the lines of a low-stakes athletic competition. But the compulsive form of gaming shares a key element with porn: both are meant to simulate something, something for which men long.

Pornography promises orgasm without intimacy. Video warfare promises adrenaline without danger. The arousal that makes these so attractive is ultimately spiritual to the core…

Satan isn’t a creator but a plagiarist. His power is parasitic, latching on to good impulses and directing them toward his own purpose. God intends a man to feel the wildness of sexuality, in the self-giving union with his wife. And a man is meant to, when necessary, fight for his family, his people, for the weak and vulnerable who are being oppressed.

The drive to the ecstasy of just love and to the valor of just war are gospel matters. The sexual union pictures the cosmic mystery of the union of Christ and his church. The call to fight is grounded in a God who protects his people, a Shepherd Christ who grabs his sheep from the jaws of the wolves….

The porn addict becomes a lecherous loser, with one-flesh union supplanted by masturbatory isolation. The video game addict becomes a pugilistic coward, with other-protecting courage supplanted by aggression with no chance of losing one’s life. In both cases, one seeks the sensation of being a real lover or a real fighter, but venting one’s reproductive or adrenal glands over pixilated images, not flesh and blood for which one is responsible.

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“No One Like Him”

Mens Retreat_std_tLast weekend I had the privlige of taking 40 men up to Zephyr Point Conference Center on Lake Tahoe to spend a weekend talking about the fact that there is no one like our God. The weekend focused on the character of God and especially on the need for men to delight themselves in God. I just got all three sessions from the weekend uploaded to our church’s website, as well as into iTunes. You can find them at the following links:

Thirsty: Where Can I Get a Drink? – iTunes

Finding Our Idols – iTunes

Thirsty: Only God Can Satisfy – iTunes

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The Six Ways You’ll See Your Dad

There’s a lot of truth to this:

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The Gains of Drudgery

Outstanding article over the Art of Manliness blog on The Gains of Drudgery. Here’s an excerpt:

“When a man grumbles about the drudgery of his lot, then I am entitled to conclude that he has not learned the discipline of work, and that it is native indolence rather than suppressed genius which chafes against the limitations of his environment. Browning, in his poem of The Statue and the Bust, has laid down the doctrine that it is a man’s wisdom to contend to the uttermost even for the meanest prize that may be within his reach, because by such strenuous contention manhood grows, and by the lack of it manhood decays.

The clerk who does not strive to be the best clerk in the office, the carpenter who is not emulous of being the best carpenter in the workshop, is not likely to achieve excellence in any other pursuit for which he imagines his superior talents better fitted….I have little faith in the youth who is always crying out against his condition, and telling an incredulous world what great things he could do if his lot were different. The boast of general talents for everything usually resolves itself into particular talents for nothing. The incompetent clerk, in nine cases out of ten, would be equally incompetent as writer, artist, or speaker. If I were adjured to help a youth to some sphere supposed to be better suited to his gifts, I should first of all need to be convinced that he had performed faithfully the duties of the inferior sphere in which he found himself. The superior talent always shows itself in the superior performance of inferior duties. It is the man who is faithful in little things to whom there is given authority over larger things. He who has never learned the art of drudgery is never likely to acquire the faculty of great and memorable work, since the greater a man is, the greater is his power of drudgery.”

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“I Don’t Have to, I Get to…”

Timmy Brister:

I first heard about this story from Steve Childers in his final talk at my first GCA National Church Planting Conference. His message was entitled, “Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing.” It’s the story about Robertson McQuilkin and his dear wife Muriel. McQuilkin was the son of the founding president of Columbia International University, and as a young missionary couple, Robertson and Muriel spent 12 years in Japan before returning to the United States, at which time Robertson became the president of Columbia International University in 1968.

Although thoroughly enjoying his role as president at Columbia, McQuilkin resigned from his post in 1990 to care for his wife who had been battling Alzheimer’s Disease since the early 1980′s. Someone happened to have a micro-cassette recorder in that meeting and recorded a portion of his resignation speech. Here is that recording of Robertson sharing about why he resigned. This is a testimony of biblical manhood.

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Winning Men

Tim Challies has an excellent post over on his blog about the fact that Men Don’t Follow Programs, they follow other men.  Here’s an excerpt:

Why Men Hate Going to Church by David Murrow:

You cannot have a thriving church without a core of men who are true followers of Christ. If men are dead, the church is dead…

If we want to change the world, we must focus on men…

When men are absent and anemic the body withers…

The church and the Titanic have something in common: It’s women and children first. The great majority of ministry in Protestant churches is focused on children, next on women…

Men don’t follow programs; they follow men. A woman may choose a church because of the programs it offers, but a man is looking for another man he can follow.

I think the core of what he says there is found in the final paragraph. Men don’t follow programs; they follow men. Farley wants to make sure that we understand what this does not mean. “We are not talking about ‘macho’ behavior. Machismo is a perversion of biblical masculinity. In fact, it usually occurs because men feel insecure about their masculinity.” The simple fact is that men want to follow men—real men, admirable men, men who are worth following.

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“The World is Filled with Boys Who Can Shave”


Mark Driscoll recently wrote a great article titled “The World is Filled with Boys Who can Shave” over at the Washington Post.  Here’s an excerpt:

I don’t care if you buy a truck or play some video games or rock out on your guitar. But the problem is when those are prevalent, predominant, and preeminent in your life. Some of you guys would argue and say, "It’s not a sin." No, but sometimes it’s just dumb. You got fired because you were up trying to get to the next level and become a guild leader. That’s dumb. You work one part-time job so you can play more guitar or Frisbee golf. That’s dumb. You spend all your money on a new car or truck, or toys, or gear, or clothes, or gambling, or fantasy football. Dumb. Some of you say, "Well, it’s not a sin." Neither is eating your lawnmower. It’s just dumb. There are a lot of things that Christian guys do that aren’t evil, they’re just dumb and childish.

Men, you are to be creators and cultivators. God is a creator and a cultivator and you were made to image him. Create a family and cultivate your wife and children. Create a ministry and cultivate other people. Create a business and cultivate it. Be a giver, not a taker, a producer and not just a consumer. Stop looking for the path of least resistance and start running down the path of greatest glory to God and good to others because that’s what Jesus, the real man, did.

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Driscoll on Masculinity

This is one of the best sermons I’ve ever listened to on Biblical Masculinity.

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Two Great Temptations for Men

This quote hit me like a ton of bricks.

Husbands must be aware of two main sinful tendencies.  One sinful response of a person in the position of headship is to abuse that position by being heavy-handed, mean-spirited, harsh, and demanding in unloving and selfish ways.  God has not given men this authority in our homes for the purpose of gratifying our own pleasures and exploiting the opportunity for our ease and comfort.  Rather, such authority must be exercised out of benevolence.  A position of headship must be used to promote healing, life, restoration, growth, prospering, and joy. 

A second sinful response to our position of headship, though, is far more insidious yet far less obvious.  We may respond to God’s call to exert leadership in our homes by abdicating our responsibility.  We are not mean-spirited; rather, we’re just no there.  We are apathetic, distant, often absent, and altogether uninterested and uninvolved in the spiritual direction of our wives and children.  The harm we inflict on our homes through such apathy and uninvolvement can be as painful and wounding as the harm inflicted through heavy-handed selfishness.  Here, our wives wilt before our eyes, and our children grow distant as they become more and more attached to peers in a quest for the love, affection, and leadership they lack from their fathers.  In both cases, though, husbands and fathers have lost sight altogether of what true biblical headship is to mean for our homes. – Bruce Ware, Father, Son and Holy Spirit

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Wear the Pants

I love all thing “manly” and this is definitely a manly advertisement from Dockers.  I like this so much, I might just go out and buy a pair to support them.


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