Poor Nerds…

This is a public service announcement from the nerds of Portlandia.

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July 25 2014 | Blog | No Comments »

What Kind of God Do You Have?

I think this is exactly what it would look like for a Native American to discuss religion wit an Orthodox Jew Smile.

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September 20 2013 | Blog | No Comments »

It’s Not About the Nail

I think every guy knows exactly what this feels like Smile

HT: Challies

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July 19 2013 | Blog | 1 Comment »

Pastoring from a Zip Line…

Words fail me…

HT: Vitamin Z

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April 05 2013 | Blog | No Comments »

I Miss George Bush!

Politics seems to be going from bad to worse these days. Fiscal Cliffs, Government Health Care Mandates, Tax Policy, Gun Control, sometimes it just feels like the whole world is falling apart. Times like these can make you long for simpler days when life wasn’t nearly this complicated, like the days when George Bush was our president.

Of all the things that I miss about President Bush the one thing that stands out above all the rest was his facility with the spoken word. His soaring rhetoric could take you to the heights of joy and walk you through the depths of despair…although more often than not it just brought a bewildered look to your face and a chuckle in your belly. Here’s an example.

HT: Todd Bolen

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January 25 2013 | Blog | No Comments »

Holland vs the Netherlands

This year Amy and I will celebrate our thirteenth year of marriage. She has brought so much joy into my life through her friendship, her tender care for me and the family, and her beautiful spirit that I consider myself to be a remarkably blessed man.

When we met in 2001 I have to admit that there was a little bit of culture shock due to the fact that Amy is Dutch and I’m…well…I’m kind of a mut. In any case, if I’d had this video in 2001, it probably wouldn’t have made any difference with the culture shock, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

HT: Challies

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January 04 2013 | Blog | 2 Comments »

How Not to Kill a Spider

This is one of the funniest things that I’ve seen in a LONG time!!!

You have to wait to see his face at the end and listen to him cry for his momma Smile

HT: Gizmodo

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December 21 2012 | Blog | No Comments »

Tim Hawkins on Multitasking

I can so relate:

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December 06 2012 | Blog | No Comments »

“Alone Together”

If you’re thinking about getting an iPhone or if you have one, this is something you should watch for a few laughs and a quick reality check.

The Colbert Report
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September 14 2012 | Blog | No Comments »

I Love Chick-fil-A!!!

Be sure to go to your local Chick-Fil-A today!

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August 01 2012 | Blog | 2 Comments »

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