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Personal Budgeting Tools

08-01-17_money8 I haven’t written much about the economic crisis, mainly because it seems like more than enough has been said about it already.  It’s apparent that America’s God of money is dead (for the time being) and everyone is in a panic wondering who will save them now.  So far it looks like government is the front runner for our new messiah, I guess we’ll see how that works out for us.

While I haven’t written much about the economy I know that finances have been on many people’s minds, including mine.  I just finished redoing our families budget and thought that I’d pass along a couple of resources that I found particularly helpful.

  1. One really good tool that I used was a Budget Worksheet that I found on, which gave me some good categories to start thinking in and breaking down my budget into.
  2. Another very helpful tool that our church administrator recommended to me was the financial calculator from Crown Financial ministries.  This calculator takes your income and tells you exactly how much you should be spending on each of the fundamental categories of a budget.

The two best pieces of advice that I’ve ever gotten on budgeting are:

  1. It’s critical that you take the time to account for every single penny in your budget, at least when you are first starting one.  There’s no way to know how to manage your money, if you don’t know where your money is going in the first place.  This is also extremely freeing as it allows you to see the many ways that God already provides for you and builds faith that he will continue to do so as you get a stronger grasp on what he’s already done.
  2. Make sure that your budget makes sense to you.  Don’t try and cram categories or finances into unnatural places.  Whatever you do, make sure that it makes sense to you and your way of thinking and obviously that it balances against your checkbook, since that’s the point 🙂

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How to Cause Inflation

This is a shocking video from Glenn Beck (3 minutes 53 seconds) giving a visual representation of how much money the government is printing.  I don’t know a whole lot about economics, but I do know that when governments just start printing money, inflation will happen.

HT: Tim Challies

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What Does the Stimulus Plan Stimulate?

I was just thining this exact same thing the other day but Rush Limbaugh said it far better than I can.

Government meddling harmed a lot of businesses. Now that same government prints money for a bailout, so taxpayers think they own the businesses and can veto purchases like corporate jets. Washington shouldn’t tell businesses how to run and neither should you. But when a company or a person accepts money, there are always strings attached.

This bailout money is not your taxes. Washington is printing the money for it — and when you do that, at some point inflation has to rear its ugly head. Nobody is talking about that, but when inflation hits, it’s going to be the greatest tax that you pay. It’s a law of economics.

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John Piper on the Economic Downturn

Thanks to “What’s Best Next” for this link.

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God’s Gracious Provision through the Economic Stimulus Package

As most everyone knows the government recently decided to approve an economic stimulus package that will give a minimum of $300 and a maximum of $600 to each person who filed a 2008 tax return, within a certain income bracket.

Several of the blogs that I read have talked about what a Christian should do with this stimulus package. Some have suggested giving a significant amount to missions, or to the local church, or to help the needy, etc. All of those are great suggestions, however for many Christians this money may be coming just in time to continue paying their bills, rather than to increase their abundance. For these Christians, the question of what to do with this money has already been answered They will be making their next mortgage payment and putting food on the table for their families. What this check represents for them is a fresh reminder of God’s provision through providence. In Matthew 6:26 Jesus said, “Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?”.

How does the Father provide for the birds of the air? Through providence. They don’t know how they’re going to find the food that they need to continue living, but the Father does. In the same way, we don’t always know how we’re going to find the means to continue on, but our Father does. In the next couple of months many of us will receive that provision in the form of an economic stimulus check, but make no mistake that money has come from the hand of our Heavenly Father as He provides for His children. His eye truly is on the sparrow and I know he watches me.

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