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The Hidden Reality of Abortion

Al Mohler has an excellent article over on his blog on “The Hidden Reality of Abortion” – Empowering Men.  Mohler writes:

The obvious question is this — how is it that feminists, the abortion industry, and the advocates of abortion rights get away with their claim that abortion liberates women? In truth, the availability of abortion has served to liberate irresponsible men from duty, morality, and responsibility. Of course, the even greater tragedy is the death of unborn children by the millions.  Only the Culture of Death would present the slaughter of the innocents as liberation.

You can find the whole article here.

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Why Child Abuse and Abortion Go Hand in Hand

girl-yell Randy Alcorn has an excellent article over on his blog about “The Rise of Child Abuse as a Result of Abortion.”  Here’s an excerpt:

My belief is that when people believe it’s okay to kill a child before he’s born, because an adult has rights over his life, then inevitably it will become more acceptable to beat him up once he’s born.

In 1973, when abortion was first legalized, United States child abuse cases were estimated at 167,000 annu­ally. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, approximately 903,000 children were victims of abuse during 2001, a number more than five times greater.

The increase in child abuse is even more dramatic, since the 45 million American children killed by surgical abortions (and an unknown number by chemical abor­tions) aren’t counted as victims of child abuse. Yet abortion is the earliest child abuse, and no other is more deadly. The argument that aborting a child prevents child abuse is true only in the same sense that killing a wife prevents wife abuse. Dead people can no longer be abused… but preventing their abuse by killing them is convoluted logic.

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Seventeen Magazine Weighs in on the Abortion Debate

jonas-brothers-june-2009-cover-xl-large The other day I was browsing through the pages of Seventeen Magazine (fear not, this was entirely work related) and came across an intriguing article tucked between articles on “How to have the Perfect Summer Hair” and recommendations for “Steamy Beach Books” (I hate this part of my job :-)).  The title of the article was “The Secret Life of Pregnant Teenagers”.  The article was pretty typical.  It had a few stories from girls who decided to keep their babies, and a few from girls who gave their babies up for adoption.  What shocked me was a section at the bottom of the page titled “know your options”.  Here’s what it said:


There’s no right or wrong decision about what to do if you have an unplanned pregnancy.  But it’s important to know all your choices:

abortion: Abortion is a safe, common, legal, medical procedure that can be performed at a clinic (like Planned Parenthood) or at your doctor’s office.  You can take a pill that will terminate the pregnancy, or have a surgical procedure.

The section went on to list adoption and parenthood as other options, but the emphasis was clearly on abortion as the best solution.  There was no opposing point of view about the terrible risks of abortion (both emotional and physical), nor of the fact that abortion is the taking of a human life.  The article simply listed it as a safe alternative (I wonder if they ever considered how “safe” it is for the baby). 

It’s obvious that in the minds of Seventeen Magazine’s editors abortion is nothing more than a surgical procedure.  What’s sad is that by treating abortion as a non-issue they are luring unsuspecting girls into murdering their babies as they work on their perfect summer hair and read steamy beach books.

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“No, Mr. President”

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Kathy Ireland on Becoming a Christian & Becoming Pro-Life

This video has been making it’s way around the web and is a wonderful testimony to a Super Model who got saved and completely changed her position on the abortion issue.

HT: Take Your Vitamin Z

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Abortion Material Around the Web

This morning I preached on Psalm 127 – “The Sound of Life in a Culture of Death”. I can think of few sermons over the last 4 years that have had such an emotional impact on my own heart. Tomorrow, I will put up a link to the audio from the sermon, but for today here are some excellent resources that I found while I was preparing for this message. All of these are well worth the read, or the listen and will serve you well in bringing the message of life to a culture of death.
Joseph was a Single Issue Voter – Of all the material that I went through over the last 4 months, this sermon was by far the most powerful and most helpful to me.
Of Babies and Believers – This is an excellent article on the reality of population decline and it’s global impact.
Abortion: The Moral Issue of Our Day – This a link to streaming video of RC Sproul’s teaching series on Abortion.
Being Pro-Life Christians Under a Pro-Choice President – This is an excellent sermon by John Piper.
50 Million Abortions Since 1973 – The Mississippi Baptist Convention is doing something to help people get their heads around how big of a number this is.
One Simple Thing You Can do to Make a Difference
15 Pro-Life Truths to Speak
Four Reasons You Might be Aborted
An Open Letter to President Obama
Are Kids a Threat to the Environment
Why Are We Striving to Make Abortion Unthinkable
Children are not a Burden on the Economy
Al Mohler Answering Hard Questions about Abortion
John Piper Speaking to President Obama
Nancy Pelosi Explaining that Children are a Burden on the Economy

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John Piper Speaking to Barack Obama

I’m getting ready for a pretty major sermon in February on abortion, so I’ve been looking around the web a lot for resources. Collin turned me on to this one today and I think that it is well worth the 3 minutes it takes to watch it. It’s John Piper speaking directly to Barack Obama in the form of a sermon.

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What Does Barack Obama Think about Babies???

This video reminded me a lot of what I was just preaching about in James 4:2 – “You desire and do not have, so you murder.” When did hating babies become acceptable behavior for a presidential candidate or is that above his pay grade as well?

The second video is John Piper and is titled “Abortion is About God.” I’m putting it alongside of the Obama excerpt because of the striking contrast between these two men.

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