Turn Down the Noise

One of the most prevalent aspects of the modern youth culture is the presence of “noise”.  Young people are constantly surrounded by noise, whether it be from their iPod, their Xbox, their cell phone, or their facebook page.  Noise is such a prevalent aspect of our society that we almost assume that life has always been filled with noise.  In a recent post Al Mohler speaks to our desperate need turn down the noise.

One of the most lamentable aspects of modern life is the disappearance of silence. Throughout most of human history, silence has been a part of life. Many individuals lived a significant portion of their lives in silence, working in solitude and untroubled by the intrusion of constant noise…

Writing in the June issue of Standpoint, Susan Hill argues that our children are being impoverished by being deprived of silence. We have betrayed children, she asserts, by “confiscating their silence.” As she explains:

But so difficult has it become to find such oases of silence, that many children never experience it. In adapting to constant noise, we seem to have become afraid of silence. Why? Are we afraid of what we will discover when we come face to face with ourselves there? Perhaps there will be nothing but a great void, nothing within us, and nothing outside of us either. Terrifying. Let’s drown our fears out with some noise, quickly.

Most of us will quickly realize the truth contained in her assessment. It seems that many of us are, to a greater or lesser degree, almost afraid of silence. Our children quickly inherit the same fear.

Read the whole thing here.

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June 26 2009 04:00 am | Blog

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