Why Student Ministries (Part 1)

One of the most important questions that any ministry can ask is “Why?” Why do we do what we do? I have been wrestling with this question for the past couple of months when it comes to the topic of Student Ministries. In light of church history, Student Ministries is an extremely recent development, so why is this ministry here? Is the church simply following along with a cultural trend? Or has the church adopted a para-church ministry mindset when it comes to young people? Is Student Ministries just another program that my child can be involved in, like Soccer or Boy Scouts? Over the next couple of weeks I’d like to address these questions with a response to the question, “Why?” These responses are specific to my local context at Emmanuel Baptist, but I believe that the principles are broad enough to have a wide reaching impact. One further clarification is that these reasons really only apply to churches that have Student Ministry departments in place. This is not a polemic in favor of the establishment of Student Ministries, rather it is a description of the reason Student Ministries exist as well as an encouragement to parents and students to get involved in this exciting ministry.

The first reason why Student Ministries exists is because: Student Ministries is the God-Ordained means of ministering to young people in the context of the local church. In other words, Student Ministries is the local church’s way of accomplishing member care for its Jr. High and High School students.

The local church has been charged with the task of “equipping the saints for the work of ministry.” (Ephesians 4:12). This task includes teaching a biblical theology and biblical worldview. It includes counseling the sheep through the various trials that arise in life. It includes reproving and rebuking the flock when they fall into sin and it includes encouraging and tending the flock. For many churches, Student Ministries exists as the church’s means of accomplishing this task for Jr. High and High School students. The natural corollary to this truth is that students who are not involved in Student Ministries are outside of this realm of care. They may receive this care from their parents, or they may receive this care from some other source but they do not receive it from the local church, the only body on earth which God has ordained and promised to build (Matthew 16:18).The point is that Student Ministries exists to provide member care for Junior High and High School students.

In a practical way, the local church relies on the Student Ministries department to provide member care for our Junior High and High School students. When a student is not involved in Student Ministries, the church is left blind as to that student’s spiritual condition.

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August 05 2007 10:39 pm | Why Student Ministries

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