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I think that one of the saddest things I see as a Youth Pastor is the sheer number of girls who consider themselves to be plain looking or even ugly.  On trips or even regular youth group nights, it’s not uncommon to overhear small groups of girls bemoaning their imperfections, and wishing they were really beautiful.  The irony is how beautiful these girls really are, but how easily they become consumed with what they perceive to be their imperfections.

The following is an excerpt from a post I recently read on the desire to be beautiful.

What should we make of this obsessive desire of women to be beautiful? Is the pursuit of beauty wrong? I’m going to answer in a way that may surprise you: First, I would argue that the pursuit of beauty is good and right, and an integral part of our wiring, as women. It’s the way God made us. Second, I would contend that the problem is not that we pursue beauty too much, but that we don’t pursue it nearly enough.

When we consider the jaw-dropping picture painted by Scripture, it would seem that our Lord finds our desire for beauty not too strong, but too weak. We try to doll ourselves up with the earthly and the superficial and temporal, while the supernatural and eternal is offered us. “Like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea. We are far too easily pleased!” (to cite a favorite C.S. Lewis analogy).

It reminds me of the story that Jesus told about the pearl of great price. When a man discovered it in a field, he sold everything he had to purchase that field. When the pearl of great price caught his eye, all his other treasures seemed worthless in comparison. He joyfully gave them up to get the treasure whose beauty and value surpassed them all. But here’s the thing. Had he not caught a glimpse of the surpassing beauty of the pearl, he wouldn’t have been willing to part with his meager possessions. He couldn’t give up what was lesser until he caught sight of the greater. The reason women are so obsessed with cosmetics, creams, diets and tummy tucks, is that their hearts haven’t been gripped by a more compelling, more beautiful vision.

You can find the rest of the post here.

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July 15 2009 05:00 am | Blog

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