God’s Will

question_marks Lately, I have been giving a lot of thought to what it means to be “in God’s Will”.  The best resource that I have ever found on knowing God’s will is “Found: God’s Will” by John MacArthur, which in large part is about finding the specifics of God’s will (i.e. what college to go to, what career path to follow, etc.).  However, I have been thinking a lot lately about how to know what my place is in the will of God in my life.  Because God is sovereign His will will ultimately be done, but how am I to understand my place or my role in that process.  The best way that I have found to think of my place in God’s will is positionally.  Specifically, it seems to me that I can fall into one of 3 categories in my approach to the will of God.  I can find myself “behind” God’s will, “in front of” God’s will or resting peacefully “in” God’s will.

Behind: What I mean by being behind God’s will is really just a matter of faithfulness.  I find that I am behind God’s will when my own sloth, laziness, or fear prevents me from acting.  For example, a man who is trying to sell his house but refuses to hire a realtor, or to even put the house on the market is clearly behind God’s will because of his own laziness.  This is obviously, not the place that I want to be when it comes to God’s will.

In Front of: A second option is to be “in front of” God’s will.  This is the place where I think that I have figured God out and begin to demand that He give me the thing that I have decided is His will.  This is the young couple who finds their dream home, but it’s $100,000 higher than they can afford, but since they’re convinced this is God’s will they go ahead and buy the home.  It may be God’s will for them to own a home, but they are trying to “pigeon hole” God by making an unwise decision and this too is obviously not a good place to be when it comes to the will of God.

In: The final option is to be “in” God’s will.  I see this as a place where I can confidently step forward in wisdom, knowing that God has a plan and that he will use my faithfulness to bring it about.  This is the family who prayerfully asks God where He would like them to live, who does their homework on the market, creates a balanced budget to live within and pursues legitimate options with an open heart to what God would have for them.  I think the key word to being “in” God’s will is “openness”.  I must find myself open to what God would have me do or where God would have me go and this is the place that I will find peace in knowing His will.

BTW: Amy was watching HGTV while I wrote this, which is where all of the real estate illustrations came from 🙂 .

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March 30 2009 07:00 am | Devotional

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