2017 Shepherds’ Conference (Day 4)

I love every part of the Shepherds’ Conference, but I think the thing that I love most about this time is the relationships that you form and the friendships that you strengthen. 

For me, Day 4 was full of good and deep conversations with friends from the past and with some of the men that I was able to bring down with me from Cool. The highlight was getting to catching up with one of the students from my Youth Ministry in Washington and hearing all about what the Lord has been doing in his life. After talking with him I completely understand what the Apostle John meant when he said, “I have no greater joy than to know that my children are walking in the truth.” 

The preaching was everything that you would expect from a Shepherds’ Conference. The morning started with Miguel Nunez who preached on John 14:6 and what he called the “Four Spiritual Laws of the Gospel” that 1) Christ is the Only Way, which is the answer to our pluralism; 2) Christ is the Only Truth, which is the answer to our postmodernism; 3) Christ is the Only Life, which is the answer to our culture of death; 4) There is No Other Means of Salvation, which is God’s answer to our pride. One of my favorite quotes from the sermon was, “It’s true that all paths lead to God, however all but one lead to His judgement.”

HB Charles preached the afternoon session on Ephesians 1:15-23 and “High Above the Heavens”. Charles listed four ways that God displays his power in Christ: 1) God Raised Christ, 2) God Seated Christ, 3) God Placed All Things Under Christ, 4) God Placed Christ as head Over all Things. One of my favorite quotes from Charles was, “Asking if the Word or Prayer is more important is like asking which wing of an airplane is most important when your cruising at 30,000 feet.” Another one was that “Christianity is the only faith who’s adherents travel to their founders tomb just to confirm that his remains are not there.”

The last session of the day was with Dr. Al Mohler and was everything that you would expect. Mohler preached on John 15:18-16:4 and “If the World Hates You”. The message was so good that I ended up not taking notes and just listening, so you’ll have to listen online once they publish the message to catch the whole thing :-).

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