2017 Shepherds’ Conference (Day One)

We set off on our great adventure at 10am this morning with 8 of us from Cool and met up with my Dad at the hotel in Santa Clarita. From the looks of things most of the conference speakers must be staying at this hotel. Dr. Mohler walked by me in the lobby and Rob ran into Mark Dever in the elevator :-).

We went to dinner at Claim Jumpers and got to talk about what we’re excited about for the conference this year, as well as some of our highlights from years past. 

Here are a few pieces of advice that some of our veteran conference attendees came up with for the new guys.

  • Pack Light – The more things you take, the more things you have to keep track of and the more distracted you’ll be. It’s tempting to bring everything you think you might need while you’re there, but it really is a better idea to only bring the absolute necessities (iPad, a pen, sunglasses, etc.) and leave the rest behind. I’m not even bringing a jacket with me this year because I don’t want to carry it around all day once it warms up.
  • Pace Yourself – This is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s good to remember that all of the conference audio will be available online shortly after the conference. So if your brain is fried or you just need a break, don’t feel bad about sitting out one of the sessions and catching your breath.
  • Use the Library – If you need a quiet place to catch your breath or just to take a break from all of the activity, the library is a great place to find some solitude.
  • Enjoy Each Other – Half of the fun of the conference is getting to spend extended time together and getting to know each other. Be sure to ask good questions and have good conversations with the men God has put into your life for this week. 
  • Enjoy the Conference – There is so much to take in and see at the Shepherds’ Conference. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself in the midst of the busyness of the whole thing.

We’re going to get an early start tomorrow morning in order to get checked in and to find good seats for the first seminar. I’ll post an update and synopsis of the day tomorrow night.

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