Daniel’s 70th Week (part 2)

Daniel's 70 Weeks (part 2c)Yesterday we finished up our series on Daniel 9 with a look at Daniel’s 70th Week.

We said that 1) Daniel’s 70th Week Follows a Gap of Time after the 69th Week, 2) Daniel’s 70th Week Begins with the Signing of a Treaty with Israel, 3) Daniel’s 70th Week is Divided into two 3 1/2 year Segments of Time. I’ve included the two charts of Daniel’s 70th Week at the bottom of this post.


You can listen online here.

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You can watch the video below:

Daniel’s 70 Weeks (part 2) from DrewBuell on Vimeo.

Daniel's 70 Weeks (part 2b)

Daniel's 70 Weeks (part 2)

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January 29 2017 05:50 pm | Blog and Drew's Sermons

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