Effective Prayer

Effective Prayer (part 2)For the last year Cool Community Church has been systematically working our way through the book of Daniel and having a great time doing it.

At the end of December we finally came to Daniel 9. In launching into Daniel 9 we said that Daniel 9 is one of the most important chapters in the entire Bible for two reasons: 1) It contains what is known as the “backbone of biblical prophesy” in the prophesy of the 70 weeks, 2) It contains one of the most powerful examples of “Effective Prayer” in all of the Bible.

We should be getting to the prophetic portion of Daniel 9 in the next few weeks, but here are the links to the first two sermons that I preached on “Effective Prayer”.

In the first sermon we learned that “Effective Prayer is Comprehensively Biblical”.

In the second sermon we learned that “Effective Prayer Begins with Heartfelt Confession and that Effective Prayer is Profoundly God-Centered”.

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January 08 2017 06:00 am | Blog and Sermons

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