Children’s Ministry Policy

When you first start out in ministry policies and procedures can seem like unnecessary hindrances to the actual job God called you to. After all, why is it so important for us to figure out how many people need to work in the nursery when there are souls to be saved? Having been a younger pastor I fully understand that question, but I am very thankful that as I’ve grown older I have been able to see, firsthand, the value of effective policies when it comes to Children’s Ministry, Financial Matters, etc.

We recently updated our Child Protection Policy at Cool Community Church and I decided to share it here on the blog as a resource for our church and for any other churches that may be considering adopting a policy in order to protect their children.

When I teach our Child Protection Class one of the first things I say is that if any of us were aware that a child was being abused at that moment, we would rush to that child’s defense, right? The problem is that abuse almost always happens in the dark where no one is aware of it. So, what can we do to protect these children? The answer is maintaining a consistent child protection policy and training program. A policy and training program are two demonstrable actions that any church or organization can take in order to serve our children.

Here’s a copy of Cool Community Church’s Child Protection Policy as well as our Miscellaneous Policies and Procedures.

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January 25 2017 05:00 am | Blog

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