The Key to Effective Ministry

Every pastor I know wants an effective ministry. We want to see more people coming to faith in Christ, we want to see more people growing in their love for Christ, we want to see more people deployed into ministry for the sake of Christ. But how do you achieve an effective ministry? Is there a “secret sauce” that can amplify our effectiveness as ministers of the Lord Jesus Christ?

There are lots of things that pastors can do to incrementally increase their effectivenes in ministry (i.e. work hard, pray hard, start a new program, etc.). These are worthy efforts and often times they will yield incremental results, but I believe that there is one thing that will not only increase the effectiveness of our ministry incrementally but will actually increase it exponentially!

That one thing is to stay.

I know that sounds simple and maybe even a little defeating if your sphere of influence seems small right now, but hear me out on this one. Here’s the big idea: Every year that a pastor stays at the same church, faithfully ministering to the same people (and hopefully new ones as the church grows incrementally), his effectiveness in ministry grows exponentially!

You see, it takes times to earn the right to be the pastor of the church and there is simply no substitute for that time. It takes hundreds of sermons, and dozens of funerals, and countless hours of marital counseling to really become the pastor of your church. But once those hours have been put in, your level of effectiveness grows at an exponential rate. Everything that you say means exponentially more because of the faithful foundation that you have laid.

So brother, if you want to have an effective ministry prepare yourself to stay and to reap the benefits of your faithfulness..

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January 11 2017 05:00 am | Blog and Pastorals

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