Happy 7th Birthday Cody

19324_10153192859923373_82195321690799149_nDear Cody,

You are such a joy! I watch the way that you play with your brothers, talk with your friends, sing at church, play T-Ball, etc. and there is simply no other word to describe it than joy.

7 years ago the Lord brought you into our lives on a snowy night in Mount Vernon, WA and it has been pure joy to be your Dad ever since then.

2014 was a year filled with joy for you and for our family. We had the best and the busiest summer ever. We did the Weird Animals VBS here at the church and you had a blast, in fact you still enjoy singing the songs from the CD they gave us. You and Micah went to Grandma & Papa’s house and then you went to Nana & Grand Daddy’s house. You had so much fun going to the beach, playing at parks and even going to your first amusement park at Knott’s Berry Farm. Later in the summer we went camping again with all of my family up at Lake Tahoe. You loved kayaking, sitting by the camp fire, swimming in the lake and being together as a family. Of course we did all of our usual summer activities like the Folsom Aquatic Center, swimming at the ALT Pool, summer movies in Roseville and so much more. We bought you and a trampoline and a pool last year, which you and your brothers played in every day!

In the Fall you started 1st Grade with Mrs. Highberger. You love your school so much! Every day you come home and tell me about what you learned and what you did and who you talked with. It is such a joy to watch you grow up!

Christmas was an especially joyful time for us as we went down to see Nana & Grand Daddy in Bakersfield (God’s Country) and than went to see Papa & Grandma at the Beach House.

IMG_0203Just last month we went down to Bakersfield again for Uncle Ryan & Aunty Lisa’s wedding where you and Micah were ring bearers. You looked so handsome in your tuxedos!

Of course the greatest joy of 2014 was when you placed your faith in Christ as your Lord and Savior. Micah had been talking to you for several months about how he had gotten a new heart and how you needed a new heart too, but you told him that you were quite content with the heart you already had. Then one day you marched downstairs and announced to all of us that you had received a new heart. After talking with you some more about the Lord, we could see that something had happened and we rejoiced in your new heart.

Cody, I want you to know that getting a new heart from Jesus is not the end of your relationship with Him, it is really just the beginning. I have been walking with Jesus for more than 33 years now and I have found that the two things that began my relationship with Him are the same two things that have sustained that relationship and continue to increase my joy in him. They are that I am a great sinner and that Christ is a great Savior. Today, on your 7th Birthday my prayer is that your joy would increase as mine has, as you press into this relationship with our great Savior.

Never forget that your Daddy loves you with all of his heart,

Andrew Buell

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March 28 2015 07:21 am | Blog

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