2015 Shepherds’ Conference (Day Two)

11053282_10205927249366728_1289885907303731492_nThis morning started off with a special surprise as Fernando Ortega lead us in worship. Speaking of surprises, apparently John MacArthur is a Pandora listener. Who would have guessed Smile.

Miguel Nunez was the first speaker of the day. He preached a powerful message on Inerrancy & the Great Commission. Two of the big takeaways I took from Nunez sermon were 1) Without a robust doctrine of inerrancy missions loses all of its authority to confront and engage with foreign cultures, 2) In the global north people lost their confidence in the Bible through the assaults of higher criticism, but in the global south people lost their confidence in the Bible through the belief in extra biblical revelation. If the Bible still needs to be completed through dreams, visions, etc. than it is a very short step to the Bible needing to be corrected. You can read Busenitz live blog here.

The second plenary session of the day was delivered by Carl Trueman on the topic of Inerrancy & the Reformers. Trueman’s message was truly epic! Using historical theology he addressed two of the most common objections to inerrancy 1) Inerrancy is strictly an enlightenment issue, 2) Inerrancy is an American eccentricity. One of the most jaw dropping statements that Trueman made was taken from Augustine’s Letter 82 written to Jerome in which Augustine states that any supposed errors in the Scriptures can be explained by either 1) faulty manuscripts, 2) poor translations, 3) misunderstandings in his own interpretation. This is a profoundly significant witness to the doctrine of inerrancy well before the enlightenment. The essence of the message was 1) The Reformers had a high view of Scripture because they had inherited a high view of Scripture and did not need to question or refine it, 2) The Reformers believed that the Scripture is trustworthy because God is trustworthy. Ultimately our view of the Scriptures and our view of God are two sides of the same coin. You can read Busenitz live blog here.

11041805_10205927249326727_4662897901822858980_nThe evening plenary session was delivered by Mark Dever and was an exposition of Psalm 119. Mark started the message by reading the entirety of Psalm 119. The message centered around four questions: 1) What is the God’s law? The Bible. 2) What is God’s Word like? It is true. It is good. It is eternal. 3) What does God’s Word do? It blesses God’s people by inspiring awe, bringing them to grief over their sins, encouraging them to stay pure in the midst of temptation, bringing hope to the hopeless, and deliverance to the suffering, 4) How should we respond? We should obey God’s Word, love God’s Word, meditate on God’s Word, trust God’s Word and fear God. Dever closed by exploring the ways in which Jesus is the fulfillment of Psalm 119.  You can read Busenitz live blog here.

In other news, this was an exciting day for me because I was finally able to complete my MacArthur New Testament Commentary series. I’ve been working on collecting the series for more than 16 years and they finally came out with the last two volumes just in time for the conference!

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March 04 2015 10:25 pm | Blog and Shepherds' Conference

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