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inerrancyI’ve been attending the Shepherds’ Conference at Grace Community Church for over 12 years and in that time I’ve heard some amazing preachers (RC Sproul, CJ Mahaney, Ligon Duncan, Mark Dever, etc.) and some amazing sermons (Dr. MacArthur’s sermon “Slave” still move me to tears today), but I have never been more excited than I am for this year’s conference on The Inerrant Word.

Grace Community is pulling out all the stops this year and bringing in more top-caliber preachers then any point in recent memory. Here’s just a short list (you can find the full list here): John MacArthur, Alistair Begg, R.C. Sproul, Ligon Duncan, Carl Trueman, Mark Dever, Gregory Beale, Al Mohler, Iain Murray, Kevin DeYoung.

They’ve brought in so many speakers that they had to add an extra day to the conference in order to fit everyone in. Not only that, but in spite of increasing the maximum attendance from 3,500 to 4,500 the conference sold out months ago.

In keeping with tradition I will be posting daily recaps of the conference here at I hope you’ll come visit everyday to catch up on the latest conference news.

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March 02 2015 06:00 am | Blog

One Response to “Shepherds’ Conference Blog”

  1. Bill on 02 Mar 2015 at 12:40 pm #

    Thanks Drew.
    Looking forward to your recaps.