5 Lessons I Learned from a Pastor’s Betrayal (Part 5)

In March of 2014 I experienced a significant betrayal by a man who befriended me, infiltrated my church and stole my identity. This series of posts is a reflection on what the Lord has taught me through this heartbreaking experience. You can read the earlier posts here.

practical Much of what goes on in the day to day life of the church is rather mundane. There are phone calls to be made, sermons to write, and policies to consider. The last major lesson that I took away from this experience was how invaluable those policies can be in a situation like the one that we faced.

There are two policies in particular that were very helpful to our church 1) In order to serve in high level leadership (i.e. elders, deacons, etc.) you need to have been a member for more than a year. 2) All of our financial dealings require multiple authorizations in order to have access to church funds.

Because of the first policy Jack was kept out of high level leadership, although he did preach a few times and helped me lead Home Groups. Because of the second policy there was no way for Jack to have access to any church funds at all.

I guess the big take away for me is that these policies really do matter. They aren’t just the church talking to itself, because they setup an environment that makes it harder for predators to harm the church.

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September 22 2014 05:00 am | Betrayed and Blog

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