What Makes Suffering Truly Unbearable?

escape_to_sorrow_by_utopic_man-d36mwl5 β€œIt is as we get larger in our own eyes less dependent on God’s grace and revelation, and surer that we understand how the universe works and how history should go that the problem of evil becomes so intolerable. And it is only as God becomes more remote – a God who is all loving only in the abstract, not in the sense of having suffered and died for us to rescue us from evil – that he seems unbearably callous in the face of pain. In short, theism without certainty of salvation or resurrection is far more disillusioning in the midst of pain than is atheism. When suffering, believing in God thinly or in the abstract is worse that not believing in God at all.” – Tim Keller, Walking with God Through Pain & Suffering

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September 24 2014 05:00 am | Blog

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