5 Lessons I Learned from a Pastor’s Betrayal (Part 3)

In March of 2014 I experienced a significant betrayal by a man who befriended me, infiltrated my church and stole my identity. This series of posts is a reflection on what the Lord has taught me through this heartbreaking experience. You can read the earlier posts here.

Wolf3 The third lesson that I learned through my experiences with Jack & Jenny is how easily I can be fooled and how gracious God is in preserving His church.

There’s a reason why the Bible warns us about spiritual predators. In Acts 20:29 Paul tells the Ephesian elders, “I know that after my departure fierce wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock.” Spiritual predators are incredibly dangerous and yet they can be remarkably difficult to identify. Even in Acts 20 Paul says that these wolves “will come in among you.” In other words, these spiritual predators are going to look just like you and so you need to be on your guard.

Looking back on my relationship with Jack I am still shocked by how much he looked like a sheep, when in reality he was a wolf. I mentioned earlier that Jack and I shared a room together at the Shepherds’ Conference but the “spiritual” dimension of our relationship was even deeper than that. We would spend many hours talking about the ministry, about the joys and sorrows of preaching, about seminary (Jack had actually been to seminary), about the original languages (Jack was well versed in Greek and was familiar enough with Hebrew), about theology and many other “spiritual” subjects.

My first thought when I found out what Jack had done was, “How could I be so stupid?” I guess that’s the thing with wolves in sheep’s clothing…they look just like sheep. It’s humbling to discover how easily you can be fooled, but at the same time this whole incident has reminded me of how gracious God is in caring for His flock in spite of the dangers that we all face.

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September 08 2014 05:00 am | Betrayed

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