What Are the Foremost Qualifications for Christian Leadership?

In his book Teach Us to Pray DA Carson gives the following list of essential character qualities for Christian leaders.

  1. The foremost prerequisite of anyone in authority is godliness.
  2. The second is a vision that reacts in a critical and challenging way to the status quo.
  3. The Christian leader must be tested and proved
  4. The person whom God calls to administer his business must be both teachable and willing to serve.
  5. He must be a man of faith…Endued with a calm assurance of the Guide who has travelled the road before, he knows the vicissitudes of life are not assailing him by chance.
  6. He must have a cooperative spirit.
  7. He must be experienced in spiritual warfare.
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August 27 2014 05:00 am | Blog

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