Cody’s 6th Birthday (2014)

Cody’s Birthday was actually March 28th, so this is more of a belated Birthday letter but I thought you might enjoy it.

Dear Cody,

IMG_4373 The speed at which you are growing up never ceases to amaze me! Last year you went to school for the first time and today you’re reading, writing and playing T-Ball. I think I’m starting to understand why everyone keeps telling me to treasure these years, because they are going by faster than I ever imagined they could.

2013 was such a fun year for our family. You graduated from Pre-K in June and spent almost every day of the summer at the pool with Mommy, Micah and Luke. As always, we had the best vacation ever when we went to Pismo Beach for a few days, visited with Grandma and went to the world’s best water park in Fresno! In July we started something new when we went camping for the first time. Fortunately, Auntie Merri went with us and showed us the ropes.

Of course, no history of 2013 would be complete without remembering the “Great Buell Fire of 2013”. On December 22nd God was very kind to us in saving us from a terrible fire that almost destroyed our home. By God’s grace we got out of the house in time and ever since then we have been fixing the house and making it “just perfect” for us to move back into.

I know that when you’re a little boy you tend to think that your Daddy knows everything and is never scared, but to tell you the truth that night scared me pretty bad. I had to find help from my Heavenly Father that night and my deepest prayer for you on your Birthday is that you too would look to your Heavenly Father to save you. Cody, it does not take long to discover that this world is a very scary place. The good news is that there is One who can conquer our fears and His name is Jesus. You see the truth is that while you and I are great sinners who deserve nothing but sadness and fear, Christ is a great Savior who has given us Himself as the answer to our sorrows and fears. As I look forward to another year of life together with you, my prayer is that you would come to know Him, to trust Him and that His perfect love would cast out all your fears.

I Love You with all of My Heart,


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April 29 2014 08:26 am | Blog

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