Happy Fourth Birthday Luke (2014)

Dear Luke,

1382375_10152328208603373_1625545888_n You are such a joy! When you were born four years ago I never could have imagined how much joy you would bring to my life. I can always count on you for a smile, a kiss, a giggle or a wrestling match. 2013 was such a fun year for you and for our whole family.

We had such a good time with you this last year. You still aren’t a big fan of going to the pool, but you dutifully went every day this summer and sat by your mommy keeping her company J. Even though you weren’t quite big enough for a “Razor” bicycle, you insisted on having one for Christmas because you knew that your brothers each had one and you were not going to be left out. You still get up in the middle of the night and come to our bed, which I complain about a lot but the truth is that I still cherish the opportunity to have my “baby” in bed with us at night…but don’t tell your mother that J.

Luke, I don’t know what the future will hold for you, what kind of career the Lord will lead you to, what kinds of joys or what kinds of sorrows are to come but I do know this: 1) You and I are both great sinners, 2) But Christ is a Great Savior. It is my hope in the years to come to help you see the beauty of the gospel so that you would find Christ to be your true joy.

I love you with all of my heart,


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March 31 2014 09:40 am | Blog

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