What About Online Giving?

online giving_wide_tFor the past two years Cool Community has been thinking about offering Online Giving to our congregation as a way of supporting the ministry here in Cool. Just last month our elders, along with our finance team, met together and decided to go ahead and give Online Giving a try (www.coolchurch.org/giving). We signed up with a company called Clover Donations and just finished integrating their Online Giving utility into our website. Here are a few of the reasons we decided that now is a good time to offer Online Giving to our congregation.

People Do Finances in a Radically Different Way Today than Even Ten Years Ago

Over the past decade online bill payments have increased by 800%. At the same time paper check usage has declined from 61% of all payments made in 2000 to just 26% of all payments made in 2010. In fact, in 2011 the Federal Reserve processed barely 1/3 of the number of checks it processed in 1991!

All of these trends are a reminder of the fact that people are interacting and using money in a radically different way than they used to. During the Great Depression churches would often receive chickens, eggs, etc. from congregation members because that was the only currency that they could use. In today’s day and age much of our currency is found on the web, so churches need to be equipped to receive offerings through a medium that their congregations are willing to use.

Online Giving Gives More People an Opportunity to Give

For me one of the biggest turning points in this conversation was realizing that not offering Online Giving was actually denying the opportunity to give to a large number of people. Traditionally churches have received an offering on Sunday mornings when a plate was passed around the room. This gives about a 5 minute window of opportunity for members to give (assuming that they are there in the first place) in any given week. Offering Online Giving opens up an unlimited number of opportunities for members to give (i.e. Computers, Smart Phones, Tablets, etc.).

Online Giving Helps People to Give More Consistently

There are a number of advantages to Online Giving (i.e. flexibility in payment method, etc.), but I believe that the single greatest advantage is consistency. We live in a fast paced society and sometimes it can be genuinely hard for members to remember to bring their checkbooks to a Sunday morning, especially as they’re wrestling with their kids and/or just trying to get to church on time. Online Giving provides members with the option of making a recurring donation of any amount on any schedule. They can give weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc., which means that they won’t have to worry about forgetting to bring their checkbook ever again.

There are a lot more reasons why I’m excited about our church offering Online Giving, but the biggest reason is that I believe that this will help us to accomplish our mission of proclaiming the Lordship of Jesus Christ over all things for the joy of all people here on the Divide and beyond.

You can check out our new Online Giving tool at www.coolchurch.org/giving.

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October 09 2013 10:53 am | Blog

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