The Best Thing About Windows 8

windows-8-logoI’ve been using Windows 8 for the past six months and in that time I’ve found that there are a lot of great things to love about this operation system. I love the look of Windows 8, it seems like Microsoft has finally figured out that design does matter. I love the speed of Windows 8, the boot time is amazingly fast. I love the fact that Windows 8 is not Mac OSX Smile, sorry I’ve just resigned myself to the fact that I will never understand how macs work.

With all the great things about Windows 8, I think that the best thing is how “light” the operating system is. In other words, it can be run on a low powered PC and still perform amazingly well.

Case in point, I have a laptop that’s over 3 1/2 years old that I was just about ready to throw out the window because it was so slow with Windows 7 installed on it. Just as I was about to throw up my hands for the last time waiting for it to boot up I remembered that I had a spare copy of Windows 8 in my office, so I decided to update the OS and see what would happen. What happened was simply amazing as everything began to work at lightning speed! I had been thinking about getting another laptop to replace this one, but with the upgrade to Windows 8 I simply bought a new battery and now I have a machine to take with me on the go.

I know this is somewhat anecdotal as it’s just my experience with Microsoft’s newest operating system and I know that Windows 8 does have a steep learning curve and some quirky things to it (especially if you’re using it on a PC and not a tablet). But as far as I’m concerned buying a PC with Windows 8 is a no brainer and if you’re current hardware is getting a little long in the tooth you may want to consider upgrading to Windows 8 to breathe some new life into it.

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September 09 2013 04:00 am | Blog and Digital Pastor

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