Must Read Advice for Pastor’s of Small Churches

Glenn Daman has some must read advice for pastor’s of small churches in the latest issue of Voice, which is the journal of the Independent Fundamentalist Churches of America (IFCA).

house06Being effective in the small church comes when the leadership first accepts the people for who they are learns to value the way they express their faith. Too many new pastors come in with the idea that they must drastically alter things and drag the church kicking and screaming into the pastor’s ideas of what a modern church should be. This not only results in frustrating in both the leadership and the people, but it involves a rejection of many of the key values that bind the small church together.

While spiritual change and spiritual growth are always vital in every church regardless of size, the small church pastor’s ministry should be built on preaching / teaching the Word of God and discipling people, interwoven with love and acceptance of the people. Accepting the small church begins by understanding the characteristics that undergird its ministry. The wise church leader needs to carefully consider the unique values, beliefs, customs, traditions and attitudes of the congregation. Every church has a distinct set of cultural norms and expectations that set it apart. To be accepted as a leader of the group a person must understand, share, and affirm these cultural norms, otherwise the person will be viewed as an outsider. Before a pastor has earned the right to attempt changes in the small church, he must first show that he values and accepts the people for who they are, how they worship and serve, and how they live out their faith in the context of a congregational community [emphasis mine].

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July 29 2013 04:00 am | Blog

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