It Depends on the Song

My friend Sean Higgins has a great post over at his blog about giving comfort to the afflicted. Here’s an excerpt:

One great temptation for believers, especially the ones who are more familiar with and founded on the truths of God’s sovereignty, is to rejoice when others weep. I do not mean that we rejoice that they are in a condition of weeping but rather that we rejoice in a pietistic way that shields us from sharing their hurt.

We ought to communicate hope when it’s hard. We ought to encourage and comfort rather than wither and wallow. Yet we must take care to do it with our hearts engaged. It is not loving to hurry over another’s heaviness, nor is it wise…

Glib, breezy, “It’s okay, God is sovereign, Romans 8:28” ditties, while theologically accurate in content, are not theologically consistent in attitude. God Himself grieves and weeps and attends to the cries of His people. He doesn’t tell us to “Stop being upset” because He doesn’t have the time. When we “sing songs” we remove warmth, taking away someone’s coat on an already cold day. When we “sing songs” we remove peace, stirring up more agitation not calming down anxiousness. We should not be afraid to get our hearts mixed up in the joys and pains of our brothers and sisters.

You can read the whole thing here.

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April 03 2013 04:00 am | Blog

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