2013 Shepherds’ Conference (Conference Guide)

Every year the Shepherds’ Conference gives a conference guide to each of the attendees. The contents of the guide are pretty standard fair with directions to restaurants, gas stations, etc., but it also contains short essays from each of the keynote speakers dealing with various pastoral questions.

I found the following quote from Tom Pennington to be extremely helpful. Pennington is writing about how he balances the needs of the ministry against the needs of his family. He writes:

When I am tempted to neglect this priority, I remind myself that in my marriage I picture Christ’s love for His church. So if I neglect my wife, I am lying about Christ. I am telling my wife, my kids, and my church that in His busyness to advance His kingdom, Christ also often neglects His bride.

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March 08 2013 01:27 pm | Blog

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