The Johannine Epistles (Day 1)

book-coverI suppose that it’s a little bit of a misnomer to call this Day 1 of my class on the Johannine Epistles since all I’ve done for the class is to travel to my Aunt Jo’s house in Los Angeles, but my intention in this series of posts is to share something of the experience that I’m having along with some of the nuts and bolts of what I’ll be learning.

I left the house at 2:00pm this afternoon and got down here around 10pm, which gave me about 8 hours in the car to listen to an audio book by Dr. Russell Moore called Adopted for Life. I’m not sure what I can about this book, except that I believe it’s a book that every Christian needs to at least look over. I’ll be purchasing it for our church library right away and encouraging people to check it out as quickly as possible.

As you can imagine, Adopted for Life is a book about adoption but it’s so much more than that. Dr. Moore offers good, practical advice about the process of adoption but the greatest strength of the book is how he relates adoption directly to the gospel and our adoption into God’s family.

As I was listening to the book driving down the freeway a thought occurred to me that I’m still wrestling through, here it is: The Bible is absolutely clear that God is a father to the fatherless, he pleads the cases of widows and orphans, he defends the weak, he binds up the broken hearted and he has a special place in his heart for orphans. If all of these things are true of God, than the question needs to be asked, “How is God a father to the fatherless?” “How does he defend the weak?” “How does he bind up the broken hearted?” “What does God’s fatherly care look like in practical, tangible terms in the hear and now?” I believe that the answer is that God cares for orphans, he fulfills his responsibilities as a father to the fatherless by sending fathers to adopt the fatherless.

I’m still working through some of the implications of what this means for me and my family, but it has helped to clarify my thinking tremendously.

I’ll be changing gears tomorrow to start thinking about 1 John, but right now it’s time for bed.

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January 06 2013 10:39 pm | Blog and Johannine Epistles

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