A Timely Word on Political Activism

In his book Why Government Can’t Save You John MacArthur lists four concerns about Christians overemphasizing political activism. These are well worth considering as we get closer to the election this November.

103397473First, by looking to human means to reform society and establish Christian values we’ve denigrated God’s sovereignty over human history and events.

Second, seeking to bring biblical values to our culture by changing it through fleshly means is a selfish pursuit. The truth is, God never intended for us to be at ease with our culture.

Third, by trying to establish Christian values through earthly methods, we risk creating a false sense of morality. Forcing people to adopt our biblical standards of morality only brings superficial change and hides the real issue—sin and their need for rebirth in Jesus Christ.

Finally, by making activism our priority, we fashion a reputation as rabble-rousing malcontents and foster hostility toward unbelievers that alienates us from them, and them from us…It’s simply wrong to blame our country’s moral disintegration on political parties, liberal conspiracies, or biased media. They have never been the root of the problem. They are the mission field, not the enemy.

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September 20 2012 03:00 pm | Blog

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