What Does Polygamy Have to do with Homosexual Marriage?

Time magazine has a fascinating article on the rising movement to legalize polygamy and polyandry. The movement is directly connected to the rising demand for gay marriage. Belinda Luscombe writes:

wpolygamy_0806Proponents of defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman have long argued that if we entertain variations on that theme, like gay marriage, the institution will soon become unrecognizable. “If you think it’s O.K. for two [men to marry], then you have to differentiate wit me as to why it’s not O.K. for three,” said former presidential hopeful Rick Santorum on the campaign trail, echoing a common refrain. Even though there’s no historical precedent linking one to the other, growing public support for gay marriage has nonetheless gladdened the hearts of polygamists. “If people are open to gay marriage, it impacts on how they look at plural marriage,” says Darger, who lives with his three wives and 18 of his 23 children in Herriman, Utah…”You can’t talk about gay marriage and still criminalize us for who we love and how we organize our families.” [emphasis mine]

Make no mistake the movement to legalize gay marriage is a movement to obliterate the definition of marriage and nothing less.

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August 20 2012 04:01 am | Blog

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