Are Current Temperatures a Verification of Global Warming?

120718030633-midwest-drought-corn-stalk-horizontal-galleryWith the rest of the country experiencing the hottest summer in recent memory, we’re once again face to face with the question of global warming. Time magazine recently ran a piece titled, “Hot Enough for You?” in which Dominique Browning made the case that the heat wave we’re experiencing right now is the direct result of global warming. Browning writes, “What kind of record smashing will it take for people to understand that we have entered a period of accelerated global warming and must demand action?”

I have no idea whether the earth is getting warmer or not, after all I’ve only been here for 33 years. However, a little perspective may be in order when it comes to the conversation about global warming. After all it was only two years ago that Washington was experiencing one of its coldest winters in recent memory with record-setting snow fall. World magazine reminded me that at that time Jane Lubchenco, head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, told NPR ‘It is important that people recognize that weather is not the same thing as climate.’” That sounds like great advice to me!

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August 15 2012 04:00 am | Blog

One Response to “Are Current Temperatures a Verification of Global Warming?”

  1. Dan Pangburn on 15 Aug 2012 at 6:14 pm #

    No amount of spin can rationalize that the CO2 increase caused the temperature increase to 2001 but that 25% additional CO2 increase had no effect on average global temperature after 2001.