God as a Travel Companion…

Eliza Wood has a heart breaking article over at the Huffington Post on God as a Travel Companion. I don’t think I’ve read anything recently, that so succinctly summarizes everything that’s wrong with our modern, American approach to religion. Here’s an excerpt:

God is becoming a popular travel companion.

With increasingly busy lives, many start to find themselves in spiritual lost and found. Old habits of including God in daily or weekly practices can easily give way to the need for some down time; the opportunity to get in a round of golf, or the pleasure of a quiet Sunday morning at home with a cup of coffee and a newspaper.

Sadly, church, for some, is becoming a hard place to find God. There is some stress in getting there on time, getting one’s kids out of bed, making sure they are well groomed, getting one’s chores all completed, and getting into the mental readiness to give up thanks and ask for help…

Maybe people are starting to prefer more anonymity in their worship. Maybe the hymns have grown so outdated they are a chore for some to stand around and sing. Maybe the sermons we can stream into our lives from elsewhere appeal to us more than those we have access to locally. Maybe the scripted prayers leave us wanting more of a personal connection to God.

What’s so heartbreaking about this article is how self-centered religion has become. If it doesn’t fit into my pre-conceived categories, my schedule, my comfort level, than it’s not worth my time. What that implicitly teaches is that life is all about me. I am my own greatest reference point, but faith is about something much greater than me, God, and His invitation to participate in His story. In short, life just isn’t about you! That’s why God will never be a travel companion, He will be Lord or He will be Judge but He will not be your accessory.

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July 25 2012 04:00 am | Blog

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