Issues in Christian Ethics

Ethics-for-a-Brave-New-World-2nd-Edition-300x300I’m heading down to Southern California this afternoon to take a class from Dr. John Feinberg on Issues in Ethics at The Master’s Seminary. One of the benefits of being an alumnus from TMS is that every year I get to attend their Winterim Class (a one week class in January) for free.

In 2010 I was able to attend the Winterim class and listen to Dr. Bruce Ware teach on the doctrine of the trinity, which was nothing short of revolutionary for me in my understanding of the nature of God. While I was taking the class I decided to write a daily post summarizing what I was learning, which forced me to think through my notes and to distill the essence of what I was learning into a post that could be easily read and understood by my congregation back home. The result was a series of eight posts on the trinity and the doctrine of God’s sovereignty.

Since the discipline proved to be so helpful to me last year, I’ve decided to try it again and blog my way through Dr. Feinberg’s class on Issues in Christian Ethics, as a way for me to synthesize what I’ve been learning and to share some of the choicest lessons and insights with my readers (that’s right I’m looking at you mom :-) ). So, keep an eye on the blog this week for lots of new and interesting content on Ethics. Here’s the class description:

How can a Christian know what ethical rules are right and how to defend them? For example, is it morally permissible to forego procedures like kidney dialysis or to withdraw life support from people who have had a stroke or heart attack and are unconscious? Or, is there nothing the church can say about homosexuality since science has proved that those who practice this lifestyle are genetically programmed to do so? Or has this actually been proved? And, what if a couple wants desperately to have a child but cannot by natural means? Because so many couples have succeeded in having a child using in vitro fertilization technology, does that mean this way of having a baby is morally acceptable? And finally, divorce and remarriage are rampant even in the church today. Is divorce ever mandated or even allowed by Scripture, and if so, in what instances? What does Jesus teach about divorce and remarriage, and is there any explanation of why the rules on this matter are what Scripture presents? Join us for a week of careful consideration of the Christian approach to such issues.

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January 08 2012 08:00 am | Issues in Christian Ethics

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