“I trust Daddy…”

cameraroll-1316898581.493784I think we’ve crossed something of a parenting mile-stone with our oldest son Micah. For the longest time we worried, struggled, and labored on Micah’s speech delay and while he’s still making progress on that front he is now able to speak enough that there are times that we have to ask him to stop Smile.

Micah, like most 5 years olds, is very curious about everything that our family does. It seems that whenever we get ready to go somewhere he has to know exactly what we’re doing and why. Now that wouldn’t be so bad, except for the fact that he has developed opinions about our comings and goings and like to voice those opinions to the powers that be. It’s not uncommon to find us driving down the road with Micah arguing that he wants to go to Target (where they sell his favorite sugar cookie), while we insist on going to Home Depot to pick up supplies for the house.

On one occasion I looked at Micah and out of desperation said, “Micah, I want you to repeat something after me.” Eventually, he looked up at me through his tears and nodded his little head. I said, “I trust Daddy,” to which he replied, “I trust daddy.” Now, it’s a rare day that this strategy actually changes my sons heart but what I’m trying to do is to teach him the discipline of trusting me so that when he grows older and the stakes are much higher than a sugar cookie, he will be able to trust his Heavenly Father to take care of his needs as I take care of his needs today.

It’s funny how the Lord uses our children to teach us about ourselves. When I look at Micah, I have to realize that he and I are very much alike. I too want to argue with my Father and demand my own way, yet in the Lord’s kindness he tenderly takes my hand and asks me to trust Him because that is where I find rest.

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October 10 2011 04:00 am | Devotional

One Response to ““I trust Daddy…””

  1. Bernie Andringa on 13 Oct 2011 at 6:31 pm #

    Sounds like you prayed too hard for Micah to talk, Drew! 🙂

    Congrats on finally “discovering” your son.