Suffering Reproach for Christ’s Sake

Part of pastoral ministry is suffering. This suffering can come in any number of different shapes and sizes, but sadly it oftentimes comes from the sheep. I don’t know of any pastor who knew that better that Charles Spurgeon. Spurgeon has been an excellent counselor to me in this area, even in recent days. This is a quote from a sermon that he preached on October 28, 1855 titled “Chastisement”.

If thou thinkest that reproach for Christ’s sake is a dishonor, thou judgest wrongly of it, for it is the greatest honor that can possibly happen to thee.

There are many of you who count that religion is very honorable while you can be respectable in it, while you can walk in respectable society, but if the cause of God brings you into tribulation, if it engenders the laugh and jeer of the worldling, the hiss and scorn of the world, then you think it a dishonor. But my son thou dost not weigh the blessing rightly. . . .

When they say all manner of evil against us falsely, we put that down not in the book of dishonor but in the scroll of glory. When they call us by opprobrious titles, we write not that down for loss, but for gain. We accept their jeers as honors, we count the vile things they cast at us in the pillory of scorn to be a donation of pearls and diamonds: we take their evil speaking, we read it by the light of the Word of God, and we discover that in it lie music, notes of honor and chords of glory to us for ever.

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July 26 2011 04:00 am | Blog

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