One Year Old

This is a letter to my son Luke, who turned one a few days ago. My plan is to write a personal letter to each of my boys on their birthday every year, recapping some of the highlights of the year and reminding them of the gospel.

photo-761647Dear Luke,

Of all my boys, you seem to be the one who is changing the fastest. I suppose that’s not really a profound statement, seeing as you are so young but nonetheless you are a joy to watch grow up.

I think the word “joy” is the best word to describe your life this past year. You brought tremendous joy to your mother and I when you were born and you continue to bring us great joy with every new thing that you learn. Now that you’re a little bit older, you bring a lot of joy to your big brothers as well. Cody was pretty unsure about you at first, but within a couple of months you had won his heart over. Now he and Micah chase you around the house calling you “honey” and making sure that you stay away from the fireplace and the television.

Not only have you brought joy to our family, but even at your young age it’s clear that you are full of joy yourself. You always have a smile for your mommy, me, or any stranger who happens to catch your eye on the street. For quite a while, you were perfectly content to let anyone in the church hold you, as long as mommy was nearby. Although, lately you’ve been a little bit more particular about things. To tell the truth, there are times when you don’t even want to go to me Smile.

Even at your young age, my deepest prayer for you is that you would believe the gospel and come to know Jesus Christ as your great joy. You see faith in Christ is all about pursuing joy in Christ. I pray that as you grow up you will become a radical Christian Hedonist, passionately pursuing joy in Jesus Christ to the neglect of all other things because He is the only one can truly satisfy our longing for joy.

‘Til Sin is Bitter Christ Will not be Sweet,


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April 04 2011 04:00 am | Blog

2 Responses to “One Year Old”

  1. Heidi Bylsma on 04 Apr 2011 at 10:24 am #

    Your family is so blessed to have you as dad and hubby and pastor and friend…all rolled into one.

  2. Alleen Van Boven_ on 05 Apr 2011 at 6:54 am #

    You are leaving such a great heritage for your family. One day these boys will read and re-read these letters and see your passion and your love in them. They(the letters) will challenge them to be men of God whose love for the Lord outshines everything in life. Thanks for being such a great dad and husband.