Three Years Old

This is a letter to my son Cody, who turns three this month. My plan is to write a personal letter to each of my boys on their birthday every year, recapping some of the highlights of the year and reminding them of the gospel.

photo-751955Dear Cody,

This has been a year of really big changes for you. Three days after your birthday, you were given a present that you weren’t sure you really wanted when mommy and I came home with your baby brother. At first, it was a tough adjustment for you as you were no longer the baby of the family, but I have been so proud of you in how you’ve stepped up to the challenge. You really do love your baby brother and I love watching you take care of him, keeping him out of the toilet and away from the fireplace. You are a very good big brother.

Another big change this year was moving from Mount Vernon, WA to Cool, CA. You probably don’t remember any of this, but I think the move was harder on you than anyone else. You and I are a lot alike, we love consistency and we hate change. Well moving requires a lot of change and with every box that got packed and every piece of furniture that got sold, I could see your little heart grow more and more anxious about the changes in your life. I was so happy to find you continually in my arms looking for comfort amidst the changes in your life, because that’s where I go when I need to find comfort and a quiet place, I go to my Heavenly Father.

Cody, my deepest prayer for you is that you too would know my Father by believing the gospel and becoming one of His children. I pray that you would know who God is, that He is the creator to whom you are accountable. I pray that you would know who you are, that you are a sinner in need of a Savior. I pray that you would know who Jesus is, that He is God’s own Son who died and rose again as a sacrifice for your sins. Finally, I pray that you would respond in faith and repentance to this wonderful good news that we call the gospel.

Since our move down to Cool, you have really begun to enjoy yourself and your new surroundings. You love visiting the pool and playing in the water. You love annoying Micah as much as you can (BTW, you really should stop that). You love your mommy and her kisses (as do I) and you love food. Oh my goodness, do you love food!

This next year will be full of even more changes I’m sure. Micah will be going to school full time, Luke will continue to get bigger and pretty soon he will be the one annoying you. That’s pretty much how life goes, it’s full of changes and yet through all of the changes in life one sure thing remains that you are a great sinner, but Christ is a great Savior. I love you Cody.

‘Til Sin is Bitter Christ Will Not be Sweet,


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March 28 2011 04:00 am | Blog

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