Youth Ministry Again

With Pastor Tony leaving, I have officially made my return to Youth Ministry, 6 months after having left it Smile

We have a great group of High School kids here at Cool Church and a great youth staff that is coming right along and learning how to make disciples.  At the same time, it’s tough losing your Youth Pastor.  It’s tough for the kids, it’s tough for the staff and it’s tough for me.  We’ve got some great ideas about what the future of Youth Ministry might look like here at the church, but right now there are a lot of changes going on and change is hard.

As I was thinking about this transition and all of the changes that are happening around here right now, I was reminded of a video that I posted a few months ago as I was leaving Emmanuel Baptist Church.  It’s a conversation between my old Youth Pastor (Ed Kelley) and myself as we talked about his departure from Fruitvale Community Church and that time of transition.  If nothing else, this video is a walk down memory lane for me and perhaps it will be helpful for others who are struggling through a transition right now.

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December 20 2010 05:00 am | Blog

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