Pursuing Sexual Purity in Your Marriage

Randy Alcorn has some excellent suggestions for pursuing sexual purity in marriage.  Here are a few of the highlights:

1. Regularly evaluate your relationship with your spouse. Beware of poor communication, inadequate conflict resolution, poor sexual relationship, discontent, and other red flags. Keep your fingers on the pulse of your marriage!

2. Spend regular uninterrupted time together to communicate on all levels: spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically. (Date your spouse. If it’s not happening, put it in your schedule!)

3. Share openly with each other—don’t harbor secrets or withhold personal struggles. (Every adultery begins with a secret.)

7. Be fiercely loyal to your spouse; speak highly of her/him and never downgrade her to anyone.

12. Anticipate, and then act to prevent, avoid and resist sexual temptation.

17. Take care of your physical health; be as attractive to your mate as you can.

18. Be modest with others in public, and sexy with your spouse in private—not the opposite!

20. Rehearse in advance the devastating consequences of immorality and a broken marriage. Count the cost of neglect and unfaithfulness!

You can read the rest of Randy’s blog post here.

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August 23 2010 04:00 am | Blog

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