Why Student Ministries (Part 4)

This will be the last post in the series “Why Student Ministries.” We’ve been looking at the question, “Why does student ministries exist?” You can find the rest of the posts here.

The fourth answer to the question “Why Student Ministries?” is: Student Ministries is the Church’s means of helping parents shepherd the hearts of their children. One of the foundational values that our Student Ministries department holds to is that we exist to help parents shepherd the hearts of their children. High School and Junior High students live under the direct authority and shepherding care of their parents. Due to this truth, one of the church’s primary means of ministry to parents is to help them shepherd the hearts of their children. This task is primarily accomplished through Student Ministries in many churches today. In order for Student Ministries to be effective, it must be intentionally focused on ministering to parents.

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September 06 2007 07:38 pm | Why Student Ministries

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