"Atheism Remix" Book Review

Atheism Remix is one of the latest books from the pen of Al Mohler and follows the same pattern set forth in Culture Shift of being very short, very easy to read and very well researched. This particular book is based on a lecture series that Mohler did at Dallas Theological Seminary earlier this year on the New Atheists.
Atheism Remix is a very short book, so this will be a very short review. The book serves as something of a primer or an introduction to the resurgence of Atheism that is happening today. Mohler does an excellent job of describing the movement, it’s primary proponents (who he calls the four horsemen of the modern apocalypse), along with giving brief analysis of its trends and fallacies. The only complaint that I have about the book is that it felt like it ended a little too quickly. I would have loved to see a more significant critique of the movement, but it seems that will have to wait for another day.
Atheism Remix is an excellent introduction to the New Atheism. If you interact with atheists on a regular basis or if your interested in apologetics at all, this is a great way to find out more about what’s currently going on in this movement.
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November 17 2008 10:22 pm | Blog

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