Two Great Temptations for Men

This quote hit me like a ton of bricks.

Husbands must be aware of two main sinful tendencies.  One sinful response of a person in the position of headship is to abuse that position by being heavy-handed, mean-spirited, harsh, and demanding in unloving and selfish ways.  God has not given men this authority in our homes for the purpose of gratifying our own pleasures and exploiting the opportunity for our ease and comfort.  Rather, such authority must be exercised out of benevolence.  A position of headship must be used to promote healing, life, restoration, growth, prospering, and joy. 

A second sinful response to our position of headship, though, is far more insidious yet far less obvious.  We may respond to God’s call to exert leadership in our homes by abdicating our responsibility.  We are not mean-spirited; rather, we’re just no there.  We are apathetic, distant, often absent, and altogether uninterested and uninvolved in the spiritual direction of our wives and children.  The harm we inflict on our homes through such apathy and uninvolvement can be as painful and wounding as the harm inflicted through heavy-handed selfishness.  Here, our wives wilt before our eyes, and our children grow distant as they become more and more attached to peers in a quest for the love, affection, and leadership they lack from their fathers.  In both cases, though, husbands and fathers have lost sight altogether of what true biblical headship is to mean for our homes. – Bruce Ware, Father, Son and Holy Spirit

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April 14 2010 05:00 am | Blog

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