My Story (part 4) – Shepherding


I’ve already written about “My First Church”, so a large part of this story has been told in previous posts.  However, as I reflect back on this season of my life I am again struck by the two facts that have framed this series, 1) I am a great sinner, 2) Christ is a great Savior.  Before coming to PMC Church I don’t think I had any idea of how great of a sinner I was, but God continued to prove himself to be a great Savior as He molded and shaped me into a shepherd.

2001 proved to be a momentous year for Amy and I.  We were married on March 17 and were planning on Amy finishing her teaching credential, after which I would start seminary.  Much to our surprise the Lord moved us up to PMC Church in December of 2001 and started to give me a crash course in shepherding.  Having graduated from The Master’s College I came into ministry with a lot of assumptions and to be honest probably a lot of pride.  Over the course of the four years that I ministered at PMC Church God broke me down piece by piece and reshaped  me into the shepherd that He wanted me to be.  God used two primary tools in tCapturehis reshaping process, 1) Pastor Ray DeLaurier, 2) The Master’s Seminary.  Pastor Ray was a godsend for my  prideful heart.  He demonstrated the utmost patience with me and was faithful to instruct me in the art of preaching and pastoral ministry.  The Master’s Seminary took the practical lessons that I was learning from Ray and showed me the depth of God’s Word that undergirds  every aspect of Pastoral ministry.  With these two tools, the Lord went about the gracious work of turning me into a shepherd.

I’ve recorded a number of different experiences from my time at PMC Church, however when it comes to my own personal story one incident stands out above the rest.  About a year after I’d started at PMC Church I went into Pastor Ray’s office and broke down.  I told him that I felt underappreciated and that I just wasn’t getting the respect that I thought I deserved.  The truth of the matter was that I was prideful and had forgotten my own great need of humility in the face of the gospel.  As Ray and I talked God worked powerfully to humble me, to mature me and to break me of my pride.  That event in Ray’s office was a turning point for me in ministry.  I began to realize the truth of Isaiah 66:2 – “This is the one to whom I will look, to he who is humble and contrite in spirit, and who trembles at my Word.”  I finally understood by experience that God does not look to the great, nor the powerful, nor the highly respected in this world.  Rather, he looks to and uses shepherds who are humble and who tremble at His Word.

Throughout my time at PMC Church the Lord tenderly called me again and again to remember the fact that I am a great sinner and time and time again He demonstrated Himself to be a great Savior.

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December 28 2009 05:00 am | My Story

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