Concerning Sex

There have been a lot of great resources on the web lately for young people struggling with issues of sexuality.  Here are a couple that I’m sure I’ll be passing on to some of the teenagers and young marrieds that I work with.

1) Sexual Detox – This is a series of posts from Tim Challies for young men living in our pornified culture.  Tim does an excellent job of addressing a very common and yet mostly ignored issue that young men struggle with.

2) Breaking the Pornography Addiction – This two part series from David Powlinson is an example of biblical counseling at its best.  Powlinson does a masterful job of dealing with an extremely difficult topic.

Breaking the Pornography Addiction (Part 1)

Breaking the Pornography Addiction (Part 2)

3) False Messages – Men aren’t the only ones who struggle with sexual issues.  These 3 posts from Aileen Challies speak to one of the most common and most difficult issues for any young married couple from a woman’s point of view.

False Messages I – What He Really Wants

False Messages II – The Heart of Rejection

False Messages III – Desiring Him

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December 09 2009 05:00 am | Blog

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