Reaching the Next Generation

Kevin DeYoung recently finished a series of blog posts on “Reaching the Next Generation” that are well worth reading.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes:

“A couple generations ago 20 year olds were getting married, starting a family, working at a real job or off somewhere fighting Nazis.  Today 35 year olds are hanging out on Facebook, looking for direction, and trying to find themselves.  We have been coddled when we should have been challenged."

Here are a few more

“If nothing of spiritual significance is happening in your church, your Bible study, your small group, or your family it may be because nothing spiritually significant is happening in your life.”

“It’s not liberal professors that are driving our kids away.  It’s their hard hearts and our stale, compromised witness that opens the door for them to leave.”

"A lot of research in the sociology of religion suggests that the most important social influence in shaping young people’s religious lives in the religious life modeled and taught to them by their parents."

Here are the 4 posts:

Reaching the Next Generation: Win Them with Love

Reaching the Next Generation: Hold Them with Holiness

Reaching the Next Generation: Challenge Them with Truth

Reaching the Next Generation: Amaze Them with God

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December 02 2009 05:00 am | Blog

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