Letters to the Editor (Part 1)

In what I suspect we’ll be an ongoing series (at least for a week or two), this is the first of my “Letters to the Editor” posts. I got a call this morning from one of the members of our church asking if I’d seen the morning newspaper yet. Since I hadn’t, I scooped Micah up drove over to the grocery store and picked up a copy. Inside there were two letters to the editor regarding the article that was recently published about me. Both were very kind and well written. Here’s a quote from one letter:
This pastor, in my opinion, was done a great injustice. By asking him to come and give a speech on what God has to say about homosexual behavior, then banning him from future participation because he quoted God’s Word is unfair. I think an apology is in order. – David H. Bates
You can find both letters here (they are titled “MVHS Owes Pastor an Apology” and “Let’s Clarify ‘we’ in Methodism”).
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July 18 2008 08:48 pm | Blog

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