Final Mexico Thoughts

Well we got back to Mt. Vernon yesterday around 4:00pm. It was a long day of driving (12 hours), which started with a very early morning (3:00am) but it was all well worth it when we pulled in to see our family and friends waiting for us.

I woke up this morning around 10:00am and have spent most of the day trying to unpack and get the house back together for Amy, Micah and Cody who are coming home on Tuesday. I forgot to mention earlier but everything went great on Thursday when I saw Amy and Micah. As soon as Micah saw me, he ran to me and laid his head on my shoulders and stayed like that for the entire 45 minutes that we were all at Starbucks. I had a hard time fighting back the tears when I saw them, being without family is pretty tough.

I’ve had about a day to think about some of our experiences in Mexico, so I wanted to post a couple of things that have really stuck out to me.

1) We have amazing young people at our church. Throughout the entire two weeks there was hardly any complaining at all. Everyone stuck together, supported each other, prayed for each other and had outstanding attittudes.

2) We had an amazing team of leaders for this trip. This trip could not have happened without such a godly, dedicated team working so incredibly hard.

3) I have an amazing wife! Amy really made much of this trip possible, by staying with our two children and freeing me up to go and do this ministry in San Carlos. I am truly blessed.

4) Proverbs tells us, “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but the Lord’s will prevails.” I saw this verse lived out time and time again in Mexico. We went into this trip with a lot of good intentioend plans, but at nearly every turn it seemed that the Lord’s plan was different and far better than anything I could have come up with. The goodness of God is clearly seen in the stopping of our plans for the fulfillment of his far better plan.

5) Tears are a very good thing. Throughout the trip we shed a lot of tears, but none so much as the day we left. Hearing the testimonies of the students who went and the testimonies of the members of the church, I simply couldn’t help but shed tears for the grace of God in transforming our young people’s hearts and allowing us to minister to this sister church.

There’s a lot more that I could write about, but these seemed to be some of the big things for me. Here’s looking forward to Mexico 2012.

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July 06 2008 03:51 am | Blog

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